Craps – online vs. offline

The game of Craps is a dice game where a person rolls two dice and places bets that those dice will or will not land on certain numbers. Several years ago, as online casinos started became more and more popular, table games started showing up at these online casinos and with those table games came the online version of Craps. Some of the differences in live games versus the online games of craps are the lack of interaction, virtual dice with random number generation and the ‘play money’ games.

When you play craps at a live casino there are usually several other people at the table with you and 4 casino employees per table. When you are playing at a virtual casino, the interaction between the players and the casino employees is gone. Some people like craps because of the energy at the table and the camaraderie that develops between players. Craps is a really fun game to play and when a shooter is on a hot roll the table gets louder and everyone is joking around, but when you are sitting at your desk you don’t have that environment.  But you also don’t have that pressure.

The biggest difference between live and online craps is that when you play online you are not actually throwing a pair of dice. When you ‘roll’ the dice online you will see a simulation of dice being rolled. You actually have better luck while playing online because the dice rolls aren’t quite as random. A true casino die has certain imperfections in it that can influence the number on which that die lands when thrown. The virtual dice used online use a random number generator similar to one used to generate the results of poker games and slot machines. By using those number generators you are assured that the roll is truly random and the game stays honest.

One thing that many new craps players will like more about playing online craps vs. live craps games is the play money games. Beginning craps players can practice their game and strategies by playing with fake money, which cannot be done in a live casino. Playing in a live casino you must use real money and thus you will be losing real money if you 7 out.

If you are just learning the game of craps it would be much easier to start out playing online so that you can take advantage of the play money games while you are learning the ins and outs of the game, which bets to place and how much to bet. That way you also minimize the amount of money you could lose, which in this case is none.

If you are just learning to play craps or you love to play craps but don’t have the money to play then playing online is a great option with zero risk.