Crazy Action at the Craps Tables

We have all heard stories about the big catch that got away. Many casino players have also heard stories about the one epic Craps roll that our friend’s brother’s uncle’s neighbor had back in 1992 when he rolled for 5 hours and made 9 points. Now, as you know, that is probably a bit of an exaggeration but it is possible that something like that did happen.

Why is the Casino Craps Table so Loud Sometimes?

When a Craps shooter gets ‘on a roll’ the rest of the casino generally knows about it. Why? Well think back to the last time you were in a casino, and where was the most noise coming from? The Craps tables, right? It seems the more times a shooter rolls and makes money for himself and the other players, the louder the table gets. Maybe this is done to appease the Craps gods, and thank them for all the good rolling. Some of the loudness comes from the dealers at the table as the numbers are rolled. The casino employees must speak loud enough for the other dealers at the table to hear them so,inevitably the surrounding ambient noise level increases as more and more people are trying to talk over them.

Another reason why craps tables seem so loud, is because the table is 12 feet long and if you are at one end of the table trying to root on a shooter at the other end of the table you must speak up for them to hear you. Just like when you are at a big family dinner and you must yell down the table so the other end of the table hears you. Craps players seem to believe that when they yell for a number to be thrown that the shooter somehow has a better chance of rolling that number. For instance, the last time I was playing craps and the shooter was trying to make their point, which was a 9; everyone at the table was yelling for the 9 to be thrown. About 5 rolls later the shooter rolled a 9 and the table went wild.

Craps: Random Craziness

Craps is one of the most random games in a casino since you really cannot control how the dice will land. There are people who have come up with ‘systems’ saying that if you hold the dice a certain way in your hand and throw them a certain way that you have a better chance of the dice landing on a particular number but I really don’t see how that is possible given that a person cannot truly control the physics of their body with regards to velocity of a throw and absolute trajectory of the dice.

Getting on a Craps Roll

I really do think that the Craps table is the loudest at the casino because craps is the one of the funnest and wildly exciting games at the casino. This is the only game where there seems to be constant action at the table. When a shooter gets on a roll, people are making money. Some of the players are making a lot of money and they want to keep making money so they cheer on the shooter even more!

Craps players seem to develop an instant camaraderie with others at the table. Maybe it is because Craps players seem friendlier than any other table game players. Of course, people are happier when they are winning and at a hot craps table there is a lot of money being won. Mind you, there is always lots of movement going on at a craps table, from the betting to the dealers to the stickman and the boxman handing out chips.

If you are interested in what makes the craps table the loudest in the casino, there is one way to find out. Go to a craps table and start playing the game.