Online Craps Tournaments

Online craps tournaments are popping up more and more these days at online casinos and players are finding they can earn great prizes and extra cash by participating. However many people do not understand how the tournaments work so they do not enter them and miss the opportunity for some real fun. It may seem confusing but craps tournaments are easy to enter and really enjoyable.

The object of a craps tournament is to be the player with the most money at the end of the tournament. Then again, isn’t that sort of the goal at the end of any craps session?

In a tournament, It doesn’t matter how much you win as long as you win more than the other players. The first thing you need to do is find a craps tournament. A good craps tournament is going to take place at a well known casino.

Players can rest assured that a well known casino will have the best prizes as well as security in game play. Some casinos to check out include:

Bodog Online Casino

Cherry Red Casino

Rushmore Casino

Signing Up For A Craps Tournament

To begin competing in a craps tournament you will have to register. Depending on where you play you may or may not have to pay a tournament fee. Tournament fees can range from free rolls where you don’t have to pay anything at all, to small and large buy-ins.

Make sure you check out the tournament rules when registering. Different casinos have different rules so players should be fully aware before the competition begins.

Some craps tournaments give players their own chips to play with while others may require you to use your own cash. Most of the time online craps tournaments are played in rounds and each round will have a specific time limit. Players will be seated at several tables and at the end of each round the players with the most cash will advance.

Players should also evaluate how many players they are competing against. If the field is big then the chances of you winning will be smaller, but if the field is smaller than your chances of winning are much larger. Also, find out if there’s a page online where you can track your position in the event. This will let you know if you’re close to a prize winning place, or if you need to adjust your game just a touch.

Also make sure you check out the rewards. Some tournaments offer cash prizes for the top 50 to 100 players while others may reward players with electronics or tickets to other tournaments at their casino. Knowing what you are playing for will make the tournament that much more exciting!